My First Trip to Tokyo

My First Trip to Tokyo

In November (right when I got back from Germany), I flew to Tokyo for a spare of the moment trip. It was my first time ever going to Asia and so I was anticipating on seeing some crazy things!

I was in for a treat! I literally ate like royalty there! From Sea cucumber to shark fin to pufferfish, I ate some crazy foods! I was also able to see some even more insanely awesome places too! Everyday that I was there was exciting!

I was able to stay in Oji, which is just 10 minutes from the Tokyo Subway station. I visited shrines, temples, Opera Houses, train rides to the mountains, hot springs, art museums, and did a lot of shopping. My most favorite stops were: Akihabara (aka tech city world for nerds), Ginza (which one would compare to 5th Ave. in NYC), Harajuku (where all the best Harajuku dolls live, and Tskiji (fish market).

A funny story that I have to tell you while I was there was when I would meet some of the locals. I literally stood out like a sore thumb. I didn’t even look remotely like them. I was tan, had bigger eyes than over 80% of them, and spoke English! To their surprise though, I ate and did everything like they did. I wouldn’t have dreamed of refusing anything! It could’ve been my misfortune though, but after they got to know me more, people were trying to marry me off, date me or have me meet with their sons! It was brutal for me. (Laughing)

Now I know that if I ever need a mate, I can travel there and find a suitable one for me.

I won’t ever forget the memories and the friends that I made there.


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